Who am I?

My name is Thomas Schipke. Like so many millennials, I am a university graduate who is currently working in a field completely unrelated to my degree. Whilst I've held plenty of jobs over the years, the one consistent trend of my life is my interest in Technology and what opportunities it's bringing into the world. 

Schipke'd it began as a platform to simply launch a new app. However, soon after starting this website, I garnered a lot of unsought but welcome attention and was encouraged to put my apparent literary skills and technological knowledge to good use - and thus "Schipke'd it" was born.

Now this is a blog to continue airing guides that might be useful and general opinions on the current state of tech, as well as a portfolio for me to exhibit both ground and aerial photography, professional or recreational. This is also a site for simplistic guides to complex technological issues - aimed at demistifying the 21st century for those caught in the 20th. 


- Thomas Schipke