Bitcoin going Banana's

Bit of a change of pace here - as this is more "current" and extremely beneficial posting - as opposed to long term guides I intend to post here.

Bitcoin is going banana's. 

Currently, the price is $3148 AUD per bitcoin. Not 4 weeks ago I purchased $50 AUD in bitcoin, and if I had kept it instead of spending it, it would currently be worth $170 AUD. Hesitant though I am to throw money into bitcoin, as it appears to be in a currently quasi-bubble state, I would heavily recommend looking at Ethereum. Right now. 

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15 Helpful Computing Tips

Some things are easy for most techies when navigating around browsers or interfaces. That doesn't mean one can't seriously enhance their user experience and save time with some handy shortcuts and hints. Check out some below:

  1. Chrome Only: Reverse Image Search the quick way. Hold "S" and right click on an image in Chrome to automatically do a reverse image search. Cool right?
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