An extremely simple budget tool. Simply follow the instructions in the worksheet below to input your income and each fixed and variable expense, and you can see how much each expense is costing you as a function of time and percentage of  total income. For example, $200 per week rent from someone who earns $1000 per week post-tax is $1.19 per hour, or $28.57 per day, $866 per month or 20% of that persons total income. 

You can use it to simply convert $$$ into an amount of time on the spreadsheet, or you can do a full budget. The spreadsheet will also tell you how many $$$ per unit of time you have left over after fixed and variable expenses, as well as a percentage of total income. Then feel free to export your spreadsheet for future consultation - please note that once you leave the page the data is lost and you'll need to reload the page and reenter the data.