iPhone X - Initial Impressions

Apple's latest keynote event was held yesterday morning in the new Steve Jobs theatre; a fitting futuristic memorial to the controversial visionary that brought us the original iPhone 10 years ago. That invention ten years ago initiated a tectonic shift into the way humanity operates in the modern era, and ushered in a new age of business, unparalleled technological development and western consumerism. Understandably there was a bit of pressure, from consumers and pundits alike, to adequately recognise this feat when it came to the new iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten), Apple's new 'future of smartphones' smartphone. Let's discuss. 

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Blatant Political Corruption, Right Under our Noses

I've written before about how disgusting I find it that at a time where the government is stripping away penalty rates for the poorest 17% of our working class, they simultaneously decided to give a $1.2m bonus to a public servant who was already on a salary of $2.4m per year, despite being in charge of the most calamitous execution of a rollout program the world has ever seen.

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Bandwidth - how to understand it.

It's been a long time coming - but here's the first of a long list of best analogies I use to explain fundamental technology principles to the technophobes among us. First off in the list: Bandwidth

The more bandwidth you have, the more information you can push from point A to point B. Bandwidth determines how fast you download a movie, how easily you can stream Netflix, how fast Facebook loads on your phone or how quickly you can send and receive photo's. Bandwidth is a giant, fundamental part of everybody's life in this day and age - and despite how much people like to think they don't need to know about 'this techy stuff' - it will benefit you exponentially to realise how and what bandwidth is. Here's how it works.

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Thomas Schipke