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How To Cash Out Bitcoin: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Although it’s safe to say that Bitcoin is a lot more popular today than it was even one year ago, it hasn’t reached a significant level of adoption compared to fiat money. Part of that is because it’s significantly more difficult, for those not used to it, to practically use bitcoin. It’s not as hard as it sounds - and here are the main methods to cash out.

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The Application of Blockchain in the Food Industry

Blockchain has been making headlines in many industries, including banking, gambling, real estate, energy, healthcare and even entertainment. The praises and misconceptions keep flying around about its ability to change every global industrial platform, yet many don’t know what it really is or have an idea of any real-world applications of this technology. Most assume cryptocurrency and blockchain are a package deal, but, especially in recent cases, this phenomenon has found application in other business realms.

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Bitcoin Blackjack: One of the Best Crypto Games

For a long time, people have sat around tables in casinos, betting on a game of blackjack. Now that sports betting games have made the crossover into cryptocurrency, it is no surprise that popular card game has become one of the most popular Bitcoin games.

Currently, Bitcoin blackjack accounts for a large portion of all blockchain gambling transactions. Most BTC casinos feature at least one Bitcoin blackjack game and there are numerous ways to play and win. Although blackjack is known as one of the most complex card games, people have been known to win it using specific strategies. Originally posted at

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Glossary of Key Cryptocurrency Terms

Welcome to the world of technical analysis, a trading approach that seeks to create pricing targets based on historical price movements and other available quantitative information.

A beginner diving into the world of cryptocurrency technical analysis trading videos will likely find themselves wrestling with several words they may not be familiar with, making it that much more difficult to extract actionable information. We’ve put together a quick-hits list of technical analysis terms you should know to get more value from your research. 

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