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iPhone X - Initial Impressions

Apple's latest keynote event was held yesterday morning in the new Steve Jobs theatre; a fitting futuristic memorial to the controversial visionary that brought us the original iPhone 10 years ago. That invention ten years ago initiated a tectonic shift into the way humanity operates in the modern era, and ushered in a new age of business, unparalleled technological development and western consumerism. Understandably there was a bit of pressure, from consumers and pundits alike, to adequately recognise this feat when it came to the new iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten), Apple's new 'future of smartphones' smartphone. Let's discuss. 

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Samsung Reborn - Hands on with the S8

The Galaxy S8 is an Android Saviour

It's 4pm in the heart of a bustling Brisbane City. I'm waiting at a cross sign on my weary way home from work, longing for nothing but a beer and a nap, thanking god I had the rest of the evening off to shut myself away and sleep. Just then my phone buzzes, and I read a clandestine-like message from an acquaintance I've come to know. "Are you in the city?".

Fifteen minutes and three mysterious texts later I followed my instructions and was ushered into a dark corner of a quasi-deserted cafe down the end of an alleyway, like an unsuspecting victim in a bad James Bond film. And then I saw it...

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The Brutal Facade of Tomorrow

In 30 years from now, every 'traditional' employable industry will be dead.
Think that's extreme? Read on.

On 21st Feb, 2012, Airtasker was launched. A simple idea, conceived and created by co-founders Tim Fung (CEO) and Jonathan Lui (COO). Airtasker is a simple concept: a shared local community of people are seeking outsourcing of everyday tasks, and that same shared local community of people are able to opt undertake those tasks. Today, Airtasker is the latest soon-to-be-business-behemoth in a series of apps (Uber, AirBnB, Zipcar, Amazon drones, etc...) with an astonishingly simple premise, executed brilliantly, designed to simplify life in the 21st century.

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