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The Future of Today

Internet of Things. Clouds. Apple ID's. Google ID's. Dropbox Accounts. Sync. Servers. Augmented Reality. Large Data. Artificial Intelligence. Automation. 

What does it all mean? How can anybody not born into this technology possibly hope to keep up? It's a tough gig, being born in post-war industrial age. Right before your very eyes you've suddenly witnessed the dawn, growth, evolution and now normalcy of the digital age. And it's only just beginning. 

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Accidental Revolution

Warning: this post is highly opinionated and likely controversial. So sue me. This is also not a political post - mostly.

Whilst the supposed leaders of our western world squabble over trivialities such as p**** grabbing, collusion with Russian diplomats and 'golden shower' debates, an encouraging sign of elevated humanity is quietly working in the background towards progress and survival.

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