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Apple in 2022 - the Death of Telco

The iPhone 8 (or iPhone Edition, depending on the pundit you believe in) has received more hype already than the previous three generations of iPhones, combined.

And it's still six months away. Say what you want about Apple, their ability to market is still second to none. More than that, it proves that Apple still have an ability to excite. A intuitive tact for intriguing millennials and, indeed, the world into pondering the question: "How are Apple going to blow my mind this time?".

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Accidental Revolution

Warning: this post is highly opinionated and likely controversial. So sue me. This is also not a political post - mostly.

Whilst the supposed leaders of our western world squabble over trivialities such as p**** grabbing, collusion with Russian diplomats and 'golden shower' debates, an encouraging sign of elevated humanity is quietly working in the background towards progress and survival.

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